Sinclair bears hail from Cape Town in South Africa. Jackie Mitchell has been selling her Bears all over the World and we are pleased to be able to offer her bears at the best possible prices.



Shelley is a 15 inch one of a kind. Made from Apricot tipped medium length mohair. She has 7 joints including two neck and one belly joints. Lovely shading to the face and pads.


PRICE : 185.00


He is No 2 of 3 and is really smart with his Navy bow around the neck. At 18 inches  he is no push over although his double neck and tummy joints allow you to pose him just about any way you want. Like Violet he too is Off white mohair with brown airbrushing to his features. He also has the black waxed nose and is pellet filled.

PRICE : 185.00


What a lovely coloured mohair for such an aptly named bear. Bonnie is one of a kind and is 12 inches tall. Made of blond medium mohair with brown shading to the feet and face and body. She has 6 joints including one to the chest.


PRICE : 149.00(sold)


He has an impish look about him and looks very smart with his coloured bow around his neck. Beautifully made from a rich brown coloured mohair. He has a pot belly and can just stand at all of 6 inches. One of a kind.


PRICE : 85.00